Soda, Media & Sand Blasting

What is this?

This is the process of using compressed air to propel abrasive media at a surface to clean, debur, or to prepare a surface for a coating of some sort.

The preparation of your projects surface is the most important process. We can remove paint from any painted surface and not cause damage to the underlying surface. Our "Eco-Friendly" and "Environmentally Safe" bio-carbonate blasting system does not heat metal surfaces like sand blasting. Our state of the art shop allows us to get the job done quickly, for a reasonable price and at the quality you would expect. 

Custom Fabrication

We offer custom fabrication such as: Flat Firewalls, Custom Floors, Tube Chassis', Exhaust, Roll Cages, Chops, Channels, Sections, Rust Repair, and any welding project such as Tig and Mig Welding. 


We offer installations such as: Coilovers, Headers, Air Ride Systems, Custom Turbo and Intercooler Setups, Exhaust Kits, Wheels and Tires, Body Kits, Spoilers, Wings, Diffusers, Performance Parts and Accessories. We also partner with most major brands. 


For a custom quote

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